Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hi! I've set up this blog page for students participating in the Spring 2013 COMM graduation ceremony.

The ceremony is sold out! You can use this page to connect with students who have extra guest tickets/need extra guest tickets. Use the comment section below to indicate:
  • whether you need/have guest tickets
  • how many guest tickets you need/have
  • your email address (this is an open blog; do not post your phone number!)
Sellers, please sell at no more than the ticket's face value ($10).
Buyers, please follow through promptly as others may need extra tickets.

I'll delete the blog comments shortly after graduation, so your posts won't remain online forever.

Questions? Email me at

Dr. Stephanie J. Coopman (aka Professor Cyborg)
Professor and Department Chair


  1. Hello,

    My name is Matt Zweier and I NEED tickets. Please let me know if you have any tickets!

    contact me at

  2. Hello my name is Mike Gonzalez and I need as many tickets as I can get (6-8). Please let me know asap if any one has any tickets at

  3. Hello, my name is Josh Brown and I also need as many tickets as possible. Any amount would help. I can be reached at

    Thank you

  4. My name is Ha, and I am in need of just ONE ticket! Please email me asap. Thank you!

  5. Hi my name is Michael Lolling. I just need two tickets. My email is Thanks

  6. Hey everyone. I HAVE 4 EXTRA TICKETS!!!

    Let me know

    1. My name is Mike Gonzalez, I will take all four or whatever you have available. I emailed you my phone number feel free to call me anytime. My email is Lets work out a time and place to exchange these. Thank you.

  7. I am in desperate need of 2 extra tickets if anybody has them. Please contact me via email >>

  8. Hi my name is Radha Jhatakia. I need just 1 ticket, please let me know if there are any extras! My email is

  9. Hi everyone,
    I just need one ticket. If there are any extra ones please let me know. My e-mail is

  10. Hello everyone,
    My name is De'Leon eskridge. Like most people I need extra tickets. I only need two, I have family coming from out of town. I thought I would be able to get them tickets and they ran out. I transferred to this school and there is nothing more my family wants than to see me walk across the stage. I would really appreciate the help my email is PLEASE HIT ME UP!!!!